Repetitive tasks takes too much of your time

mathias coudert
1 min readNov 27, 2023

The biggest problem in hospitality… repetitive tasks that take most of your time. Time of your staff or time of your guests.

It is even more frustrating when we see other industries bring development that seems common sense. The latest I noticed is “resume your journey” by Google. The promise is to help you rediscover or complete a search in context, so you don’t lose time gathering all the information repeatedly.

Even though we are fully remote at Mews, we still need to visit HQ in Prague on a regular cadence. As a creature of habit, I take the same flight, hotel (room type, corporate rate, etc.). And each time, I perform the same search, booking, credit card details.

In the case of corporate travelers, “resume the last journey” make sense. One-click to complete everything would save a lot of time.

This option is already available with delivery app who offers you the choice to order your last order, or Uber which allows you to log “saved places”.

The biggest impact hotel tech can have, is to determine, anticipate and solve the next tasks someone will need to do, to save time and improve guest experience.