The breakfast

mathias coudert
2 min readNov 23, 2023

The breakfast list never made sense to me… I never understood why hotels are printing every morning on a sheet of paper the name + room number of all the guests having breakfast that day. Just to highlight the name and probably then throw the paper into a trash can. It seems like the time of another era.

A breakfast paper list presents a couple of problems for me:

⏳ it makes staff lose a lot of time. I see often a mix use of a POS to type beverages while using a highlighter on paper for names.

💅 may be at 6 AM the piece of paper looks good, but by 8 it just look messy…

🧠 It is really difficult to build knowledge on a piece of paper… I stayed four days in an hotel last week, every morning, I was asked by the same barista for my room number and my beverage of choice. Everyday I answered the same: 326 and double espresso. I don’t have access to my profile for this brand, but I am quite sure they did not record that on my preferences. And the question will be ask again during my next stay.

🤝 It is not interactive: the first day I went down at 08:00 and the place was busy so I had to wait. The next day I came down at 07 it was all right, third day at 09:30 it was perfect… how come in 2023 you still need to experiment for 3 days before finding the right time to access breakfast. There must be a better way to let guest knows that a breakfast/gym/swimming pool is empty or full.

Most hotel groups have a guest-facing app. They should capitalize on it to improve guests x hotel interaction. It s great to be able to book the next stay or see the last invoice. But a hotel app should be there to serve the guest during all the steps of the journey, even while on property.

Photo by Conor Brown on Unsplash